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Born and raised in Lansing, MI and a DeWitt resident since 2002, I am passionate about my community and feel privileged to help people buy and sell here. With several years of Real Estate experience, an extensive construction background (previously co-owning a large local construction company), vast marketing knowledge and a BA in Management and Marketing, I know what it takes to find the perfect home for you or find someone perfect for your home.

Leading a team of talented REALTORS and administrative staff brings me nothing but joy and excitement! Together, our team provides the very best services to our clients who can rest easy knowing that there are always multiple people working to accomplish their homeownership goals.

When I am not in the office or out with clients, I love spending time with my husband and three wonderful kids. Our time is spent traveling, exploring nature or participating in service outings. I am very active within the community donating time to local charities, volunteering within the schools, sports and a Girl Scout leader.


Jamie is smart, street-wise and straight-forward in her communications. She won't hesitate to tell you what she sees in each house you walk thru.....the good and the bad. She also intuitively understands when to be quiet and just listen, which is a rare combination of gifts. We also found her warm, friendly personality comforting in the midst of stressful negotiations. All this wrapped up in what seems to be boundless energy; I honestly don't know how she does it with also being a Mom. I kinda feel sorry for those realtors who negotiate against her...they just don't stand a chance. We observed this when the Selling Party tried some under-handed maneuvering, in our opinion, and Jamie opted to not react but play the waiting game...which was driving us nuts...but her instincts proved correct, their bluff was called and they gave in and we got a better deal. Nobody stands a chance against Ms. Jamie Bates. We highly recommend her.

Kenneth P. 

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