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Here you would find a list of commercial properties in the DeWitt area.  

Looking for commercial properties in DeWitt, you've come to the right place, with the most up to date commercial properties in the DeWitt area!  DeWitt would be a great place for a commercial properties, DeWitt lies just north of the state Capitol, Lansing, north of Interstate 69 and west of Us Highway 127.  Not too far of a commute brings you to East Lansing, home to Michigan State University.  DeWitt being a small city, covers just 2.99 square miles comprised primarily of land, and a small portion of water being the Looking Glass River, one of Michigan's largest rivers.  DeWitt has many desirable features, making it a great community to call home, from recreational parks, restaurants, museums and shopping are a great way to spend the day, with a friendly community, low crime rates, and a high rate of ownership, provides a safe, solid community to live in.  DeWitt's population has just over 4,655 people and is growing yearly!  With DeWitt's working class as an evenly mix between both white and blue color jobs, job opportunities include, sales, office workers and managers, can't you see growing your business here?

Here is a list of commercial properties in the DeWitt area, or call today for information on a property 517.490.6327

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