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Homes for sale in East Lansing starting at $500,000 and above 

When looking to find your forever home, what are you looking for?  A community that offers a moderate pace of living, with many friendly people and a downtown area that has many shops, restaurants, bars, and social hangouts?  How about a school district that is known for their award winning performing arts and athletics, setting high standards for students academically and in extracurricular activities?  East Lansing also has 26 parks, farmers markets, yearly art festivals, summer concert nights, parades and many more community events.  There is always something to look forward to living in the East Lansing community.  East Lansing is located on the banks for the Red Cedar River and is home to Michigan State University.  East Lansing is well known for their tree-lined residential neighborhoods, abundant arts and cultural offerings, a vibrant downtown and diverse population.  With Michigan State University, there is so much to see and do on campus, with beautiful gardens and nationally recognized museums, or one of the Nation's largest cafeterias - Brody Hall!  Come see why so many call East Lansing Home.

Homes for Sale in East Lansing starting at $500,000 and above.


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