Grand Ledge Real Estate 

Commercial Property in Grand Ledge 

Aside from being a great place it live, Grand Ledge is also a wonderful community to start or grow your business in.  Check out the list of commercial properties available in Grand Ledge below and click on the photos for more information.  Take a peek at what the city has to offer!

Exploring through the city of Grand Ledge, you will find an abundance of restaurants, community areas, events, and one thing you might not expect; rock climbing!  The name of the city is derived from the 300 million-year-old sandstone ledges that rise sixty feet above the banks of Michigan's longest river, The Grand River.  Canoeing through the river on a summer day will give you a beautiful view of these historical ledges, or if you are brave enough, you can explore these ledges yourself!  Recreational rock climbers, can visit one of Michigan's few public rock climbing parks, Oak Park, located right within Grand Ledge.

 The 7,786 Grand Ledge residents occupy 3,357 households within the city of Grand Ledge.  Grand Ledge faculty and students are recognized for their remarkable student achievements, award winning athletics, performing arts, and the integration of advanced technology allowing students  access to the best learning resources and a superior experience.  Students of the community represent the home of the Comets with pride!  Grand Ledge schools strive to make each student the most successful as possible, pushing his or her individual passion!