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Okemos Michigan homes for sale under $100,000

Okemos Michigan was originally a farming community that has absorbed as a preserve Lansing suburb.  With its close proximity to Michigan State University and downtown Lansing and schools that are highly known for their award winning performing programs, arts and athletics, setting high standards for students academically and in extracurricular activities, it's easy to see why.  Okemos is has a beautiful community that offers all of it's almost 22,000 residents living here a 15-20 minute walk from a park or natural area, making Okemos a great community to get out and walk, job, bike or just to be active in.  The Red Cedar River, a tributary of the Grand River, also flows through Okemos.  When the residents of Okemos aren't enjoying the many parks and natural areas, you can find them in the "Four Corners" of Okemos, enjoying their downtown life.  Okemos is best known for the Meriden Mall, Farmers Markets and Historical Village, a way to take a step back in time.  The Village contains seven historical buildings; a one-room schoolhouse, farmhouse and barn, general store, inn, 19th-century Village Chapel, log cabin and a tollgate house from the plank road.  Want to learn more about Okemos and why so many call it home?  Give us a call today and we'll be happy to show you 517.490.6327

Okemos Michigan houses for sale under $100,000.

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